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25 Years of Knowledge & Experience

About SLC Haze

Our speciality at SLC Haze is natural medicines, products, and goods derived from hemp with a flare of other plants & holistic medicines.

SLC Haze provides a pleasant and sustainable journey in your daily green-life. Our Sandy boutique offers a showroom of all our products and where you can get one-on-one consultations about holistic medicines. We are mindful of your options–we partner with small companies and brands that are eco-friendly, recycled, non-profit/give-back, local, US manufactured, employee-owned and have no child labor, no animal testing that fight back other serious ethical issues.

Our high standards, soothing aromas, a delightful, eclectic selection of gifts, home, textile, & health goods makes SLC Haze a boutique that is a comfortable space to get consultation and shop for the best artisan goods.

The SLC Haze team is blessed and privileged to share our knowledge and experiences of this magnificent plant, plant medicine, & healing beats. We bring the knowledge and experience with over 25 years experience in cultivating, breeding, research & development, lab testing, brand ambassadorships, and consulting.




SLC Haze has the most knowledgable, kind, and caring consultant I've ever been to. I recommend my friends and family to SLC Haze in Sandy for so many things! From all their awesome artisan items to the verified and trusted supplements and medicines... there is something for everyone. I even got my daughter a Lip Balm DIY Kit and STEM project book in their kids section.